While being originally from Armenia, Lilit was born in Moscow, Russia, grown up in Armenia and completed her Master’s in Holland.

She has a first degree in Languages, and a Master of Science in Tourism and Environmental Studies. Additionally, she completed courses in multiple fields of study, including Psycholinguistics, Climate change, Water and Food Security, Computer Graphics. Furthermore, she has dedicated some of her energy in voluntary work in diverse environments.

She is passionate about writing, psychology (specifically- environmental psychology), travel and design work.

According to her: "We are all part of nature: we may feel the authentic bond to nature, realize that we affect the nature as much as the nature may influence our own lives". One of her research plans is to investigate the true nature of dolphins, their relation with humans, the way how the dolphin sounds may influence us - humans, our imagination and emotions.

About her motivation to participate in the project, she says:

"When motivated young people gather, they can move mountains. This organization is composed of young enthusiastic individuals. One Europe’s mission is to inform and raise the debate on the Future of Europe, and I am really proud to be part of it!".