Kareem was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Modern History and Political Science from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, an M.Phil in Modern Irish History from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, and an LL.M in International Human Rights Law (QUB). Kareem’s research interests are broad and varied and include international politics, history, human rights, inter-faith dialogue, immigration and Islam and Europe. He has held numerous internships with human rights organisations and is now a writer for OneEurope.

Our societies are awaiting the emergence of a new ‘We.’ A ‘We’ that would bring together men and women, citizens of all religions – and those without religion – who would undertake together to resolve the contradictions of their society…Such a ‘We’ would henceforth represent this coming together of citizens confident in their values, defenders of pluralism in their common society, and respectful of the identities of others; citizens who seek to take up the challenge in the name of their shared values at the very heart of their societies…Against shallow, emotional, even hysterical reactions they stand firm for rationality, for dialogue, for attentiveness, for a reasonable approach to complex social questions.

-   Tariq Ramadan.