Ever since he was a boy Julián has been fascinated by the art of photography. To capture a unique, fleeting moment in time was a concept he readily adopted and is trying to perfect to this day. One of the most powerful series of images, which inspired him to take up photography, were those of the D-Day landings, by the famous Robert Capa. His saying, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” serves as Julián's motto in his own pursuit of photojournalism.

Julián was born in 1990 in the former Czechoslovakia. He's lived in a number of other countries (including the USA, the UK and Belgium) and he continues to travel the world, exploring its many hidden corners. In his profession as a seafarer, he photographed the often forgotten and unknown daily lives of men on board cargo vessels worldwide. These photographs were published alongside his articles in a leading maritime magazine.

Julián is still passionate about a number of current affairs topics, especially armed conflicts. He also run a photography blog, which you can see here: http://strangerofuniverse.com