Johanna is a cultural entrepreneur, culture manager and artistic director.

She initially entered the culture arena through acting, and was key in creating the theater "Scenen Pipersgatan 4" in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2001, where she ran a long-term project about making marginalized voices heard through stage productions.

In 2005, she moved to Paris to work at the Swedish Institute with a cultural exchange performing art project, called "France Vs Suède". She is also the founder of Innovation Culture Europe (ICE). 

Johanna is the initiator of United States of Europe – a travelling exhibition about European Identity and Europe today (which she coordinated at the Goethe-Institut Paris).  She is also a founding Member and Coordinator of the European Cultural Parliament Youth Network (ECP YN). Johanna is the still the only Youth Network member who also is a member in the European Cultural Parliament (alongside Umberto Eco and many Ministers for Culture).