JEF is a pan-European network of enthusiastic young people who profoundly believe that Europe is our future and who commit themselves to make it a better place to live in. According to the Statutes , the goal of JEF is the creation of a democratic European federation as a crucial ingredient for peace, a guarantee for a more free, just and democratic society and a first step towards a world federation.

JEF is a pan-European youth organisation consisting of about 30.000 members in 30 European countries. "JEF-Europe" is the name of the umbrella organisations that represents the individual members active on the local, regional or national level in their respective sections. 

They present to its members a combination of "Politics & Fun" designing a wide variety of activities, such as international exchanges, campaigns and pan-European actions, for a new and stronger European Union that is able to rise to the cross-border challenges of our interconnected societies.

OneEurope and JEF of Nordrhein-Westfalen, the most populated state of Germany, maintain a partnership through a mutual network.