James is a development worker from the UK currently living in India.

He has a pro-EU blog aiming to "promote the positive potential of a federalist Europe in an emerging multi-superpower age."

James has become active in the Euro-blogo-sphere "in response to the dangerous path the current UK coalition government is trying to take with regards to the EU, which is primarily spurred on by the single issue backbenchers in the Conservative Party."

As well as writing about the UK/EU relationship he is also very interested in defence policy and a proponent of closer defence cooperation between EU nations. 

About his enthusiasm for European affairs he says:

"I am passionate about the potential of the EU to make a positive difference to the lives of people in the EU and abroad.

I believe in the benefits of federalism for Europe but also recognize the need for reforms and transparency at the heart of the EU before this can happen."

View his blog, with articles on the UK/EU relationship, as well as on EU defency policy here: http://euro-file.blogspot.in/