A graduate in English and Creative Writing at the University in Winchester, Jack’s interests extend as far in the trends of contemporary literature to his broader activities in youth participation, engagement in democracy and changing the perceptions of young people as a result of the work they do in communities.

As a native citizen of the UK, Jack strongly believes that the future generation will have a vital role to play in ensuring there is always a balanced debate about Europe and that we have to be actively involved to ensure we make our own decisions about EU involvement, rather than being dictated by the media. He has represented the UK at events such as the European Youth Event, which you can read about here, and supports a number of non-profit organisations on a local and national level. 

Jack has also worked in government for his country, where he conducted an investigation on how social landlords create good practice on youth participation and engagement in their local communities for young people in these areas. 

You can find his LinkedIn profile here.

Also find him on Twitter, where you can keep up to date about his activities.