Irina is a writer for OneEurope and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in British Studies with a focus on politics, economy and media at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She is interested in Britain’s role in the international arena as well as its current political, economic collaboration and development with regard to Russia and Germany. Besides British politics, she is also passionate about British literature.

Being a Russian student in Germany and a graduate of the Russian-German Business School, one of Irina's vested interests is working on NGO projects that deal with Russian-German relations and cross-cultural communication. Currently, Irina is a member of the Trilateral Forum “Germany, Russia, and Ukraine: common future?” Drjug e.V. and Konrad Adenauer “Eastern European Scholarship Holders’ Network”. She also participated in “Greater Europe Meetings” in Paris and “Model United nations” in Berlin.

Irina speaks English, German, Russian and has a basic knowledge of Spanish. She loves Art galleries.