The Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (InterMedi@KT) is a non-profit organization working as a broker for vocational education, training and innovation.

They support, inspire and empower actions of evolving business and entrepreneurship. 

From their headquarters in Patras, Greece, they provide an effective promotion of knowledge and vocational training through e-learning activities.

They are looking to expand their network of activities and partners on both a national and international level, as they believe in and pursue exchange of knowledge, experiences and know-how, along with the empowerment of a "citizen of the world" profile for EU citizens.

They provide a gateway for informing and educating young, existing and future entrepreneurs regarding their opportunities, challenges and risks. They also introduce national and international frameworks, and propose means for surviving and becoming competitive in business. They also conduct research on a continual basis, in collaboration with multiple organizations and countries, in order to ensure innovation and sustainability.

OneEurope is a partner and friend of InterMedi@KT