Ms Hanna Clairière is a freelance writer and researcher in Human Sciences, specializing in 20th century European poetry, with a Ph.D in this field, gained at Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris. She also teaches languages, international tourism and management of environmental initiatives at a University level private school in Paris for MA students in human ressources, management of European enterprises and banking 

Hanna also has a small freelance company called "Babel", which deals with intercultural politics, language training, translation and consultation. Her working experience has led her to deal with several different topics related to Europe, Federalism and Green politics.

She is a member of the European Federalist Union (UEF) in Paris, the ECI New Deal for Europe branch in Torino, the Green European Foundation in Bruxelles and a cooperator of the French Green Party, as well as of the European Federalist Party (EFP) (for which she was a candidate during the last European Parliament elections in 2014). 

Hanna has a bi-national background (Finnish and French) and has lived in Finland, Germany and France (and is now heading to Italy). She she speaks 5 languages (and is also learning Italian).

Her current work-in-progress is a plan to get acquainted with the social situation of Erasmus and Leonardo students as well as young immigrants in Italy through interviews, dialogs and visits in Genova and Torino this summer; as a result of which a self-edited booklet with articles and photos will be published (cf. her FB-page for crowdfunding this project through Ulule). She hopes to get this published in the European Parliament related magazines in order to speak about the urgent needs in investing in the European students mobility programs and in the European Social Fund, which finances associations and NGO's working with humanitarian aid and which are now in danger. 

Her passions are: Arts, Peace, Multiculturalism, European politics, cycling, and vegetarian food.  

Hanna's favourite quote is:
"La terre est bleue comme une orange" Paul Eluard
 ("The earth is blue like an orange")