George was born and grew up in Chios, in a traditional seafaring family. His father was a captain but George decided to study in Athens. 

In 2002 he began his studies in conservation of antiquities and works of art. In 2008 he entered in the team of the New Museum of Acropolis in Athens and he still works there until today. 

George is also interested in politics, culture, history, music, traveling, photography and writing. He has two blogs (chatzelenisgeorge.b­ and chatzelenisgallery.b­ 

In 2012 he published his first book with the title “Kathimeranoitotita”­.

In 2014 he published his second book with the title "Valkanevontas", which you can see here: It is currently available in Greek, and will soon be translated in English.

George also writes regular exclusive articles for OneEurope.

About himself he says:

"I consider myself a Balkanian from Chios, and equally, a citizen of the world. 

I love to visit other countries in Europe. I believe that we have a common path in history. We have to see each other as Europeans and not as people from different countries."