George Avgoustis was born in London, United Kingdom, from a Uruguayan of Greek descent father and a Greek Cypriot mother, who originally met and lived most of their years in Athens. However, due to his mother's strong relation with the United Kingdom dating back to her childhood years, George was born in London and later on in his teenage years lived in London. Besides Europe, George has also traveled to South America, where he lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently residing in his home country, Athens, Greece, after traveling across Europe and the globe, Greece and Europe have taken over his heart which has resulted to his strong interest to European matters.

Currently, studying for his Bachelor degree in History and International Relations at Deree - The American College of Greece. During his free time, George enjoys to carry out activities that both relax him and develop him, such as: Sports, Physical exercise, Music, reading History and Political Philosophy. 

George decided to get involved with OneEurope, because he strongly believes in the unity of Europe and the European values. A platform as this makes it possible for Europeans across the continent to communicate, share ideas and promote the values of Europe.