Born in the city of Porto in 1985, Frederico has been an activist from a very young age and has been involved in many movements and organizations.

He holds a degree in International Relations and a Masters of Science in International Development Studies from Utrecht University. He has been specializing in international affairs, particularly in development, migration and trade.
Frederico has also been working in several institutions, such as the European Parliament, the United Nations Development Program and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde.

In parallel to his professional career Frederico is active in many other fields: he is the author of IntegraSom - a radio show dedicated to immigration and multiculturalism; he organizes cultural events; and participates in political movements and initiatives.
Frederico also writes regular articles exclusively for OneEurope.

Frederico is passionate about politics, Cape Verde, European culture, history and as most Portuguese (and Europeans) - in football.
He loves his Portuguese culture but in fact he only feels at home when surrounded by other Europeans. One of his main interests is to discuss idealism and utopias.

Frederico has lived in Portugal, Holland, Belgium and Cape Verde and speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Cape Verdean criuol.