Currently a postgraduate student in European Foreign Policy at the Katholiek University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium with emphasis on the EU relations with regional and international organizations, the Russian Federation as well as the sector of security and geopolitical importance of the EU neighborhood. 

He has graduated from the Bachelor of International Studies at Leiden University aimed on economic, political, social, cultural forces in the geopolitical and geoeconomic agendas of states.His specialization during his bachelor focused on global affairs, terrorism-antiterrorism and geoeconomics. He has interned as an assistant on the Human Resources, as a Public Relations coordinator as well as marketing intern at the SAS Institute Business Analytics. 

During his studies at Leiden University, he chaired the social committee while his consultancy analysis on water market in Brazil on behlaf of Shell reached the 1st place on the university competition. He has also interned at both the Consulate and the Embassy of the Hellenic Republic, located in the Hague where he covered adminsitrative issues and analyzed the trade between Greece and the Netherlands, respectively. 

During his service in the Hellenic Navy’s radar unit in Rhodes island he covered the south sector of the Aegean Sea and as a result he got acquainted with crisis management tools while receiving an honorary award by his commander for his exceptional service. Last but not least, he is the External Relations sector manager for the democratic youth municipal party of “Korinthos 2014-2019”, a sign of his increasing interest in connecting European, regional and local cooperation and competiveness.