Eva is a European Affairs Adviser and Speaker, a Research Fellow  at UAB in Barcelona, and author of Eva en Europa - a blog which won the award of the European Commission in July 2009. Her background is in International Affairs and European Integration.

She has a Masters in International Affairs (UAB), as well as a Masters in Advanced Studies in European Integration (IUEE), and a PhD in International Public Law (International Relations and European Integration).

In addition to her blog articles, she is an author of publications on European Policy, mainly focusing on: reform of economic governance, public finance, fiscal federalism, financial markets, institutionalization, federalization, EU Budget, enhanced cooperation, regional policies, and Multi-Level Governance.

Some of here publications include: “The Union for the Mediterranean: Toward Greater Cohesion In a Scene of Institutional Variable Geometry”, “A proposal for the reform of public finance in the EU: towards a future European confederation”, “On the fiscal federalism and the sustainability of the euro”…

Eva writes monthly exclusive articles for OneEurope.