European Politics and Policy EUROPP’s central mission is to increase the public understanding of social science in the contexts of European governance and policy making, both at the European Union level and at the level of countries across Europe and within its neighbourhood. We seek to contribute to a better informed public debate, to facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge between experts within and outside universities, and to broaden access to the full richness of contemporary academic research so as to increase its perception and impact. Although we draw in the first instance on the community of academics and researchers at the London School of Economics, we welcome contributions from the full range of European universities and from overseas academics working on European issues. EUROPP’s role is also to foster knowledge exchange. We seek to bring academic insights to policy-makers and citizens. But we also endeavour to bring to academic and wider attention the research and evidence generated by NGOs, pressure groups and a wide range of organisations researching on European politics and policy themes. We encourage the submission of material that can improve the evidence base for public debate on any aspect of European politics and policy. We have no editorial ‘line’ except a commitment to communicating social science research and commentary in ways that enhance public debate and understanding.