European Federalist Party is the new pro-European, pan-European and federalist political party and free-thinkers organisation which advocates further integration of the EU and the establishment of a united Europe. Our party is organised around its 'Europe First' principle, meaning that it is not built to guard national interests but to develop Europe as an entity. From its headquarters in Brussels, our party intends to develop branches and contest elections in every country of Europe. EFP is not affiliated with, or financed by, existing European institutions. WISHES OF THE EFP: 1) The EFP’s goal is to create a federal Europe. 2) The European Federalist Party proposes to work in order to come to the convocation of a Constitutional Assembly elected by universal suffrage. It will make a federal European constitution that will be conform to Human right and popular representation This constitution will be ratified in every state. 3) Creation of a common federal budget. 4) A part of the States’ competences are transfered to the Federal State according to the principle of subsidiarity. 5) The Federal State Foreign Affair represent all member voices, to give Europe a more powerful and united voice on the world stage. European foreign policy must respect human rights and international laws. 6) The federal state does not interfere in cultural and religious issues. 7) Social and Health Care are guaranteed by the European Federal State. 8) The EFP pledges to preserve the biological diversity of our continent and preserve the stability of the environment and its natural resources.