A very intriguing and exciting project, which has successfully developed (and continues developing), one simple language for Europe - Eulingu. It is a tongue which we can all understand easily and learn quickly, as it based on all the European language groups. A very democratic way to solve the question: "What language should we speak in a united Europe?" It demonstrates respect for the cultures of Europe and reflects elements from all of them. It really embraces the European motto: "United in Diversity". The people behind this project have a desire to create an atmosphere of unity, tolerance and acceptance in Europe. Read it and understand it - it's easy!: "Es Eulingu un projektu novus a develope un lingu simplus a une populi europis in "un tongu". Estun demonstre multu respektu por multi kulturi d'Europu i reflekte esti elementi kulturis in developu d'Eulingu. Es desiru d'Eulingu a kre i a komunize un atmosferu d'unitu, d'toleru i d'akzeptu in Europu."