Dimitra has devoted her entire studies (BA & MA) to European Law and Policy. She has graduated in International and European Relations from the University of Piraeus and she is currently concluding her Master’s in European Law and Policy at the Panteion University of Athens.

Moreover, Dimitra has drawn on academic research in this field in order to become a researcher at the Institute of Research and Training on European Issues for two continuing years. Also, she has been a board member of Neolea Evropaiki Ekfrassi (Youth European Expression) since 2010. 

About herself she says:

"I belong to the group of the Europhiles, however that doesn't mean that I am not critical of the European Union and its policies. Due to the recent rise of the ideological movement of Euroscepticism I would like to promote the European vision and to make my proposals heard, in order to overcome the European citizens unawareness of European issues, which ultimately led to this situation."