Dimitra is 22 years old and she is studying International European and Area studies at Panteion University. She was born and raised in Germany and then moved back to Greece. She is highly interested in Law and especially in European Law and this is why she is going to do a Master in this area. Her interest for the EU has motivated her to participate in various european simulations which gave her the opportunity to know the institution and its committees from inside. 

As she says; "Carrying two totally different cultures has made me feel more european than ever and this is the point of the EU : Totally different nations building up a society which empowers the European identity. I surely belong to the Europhiles as all of us in One Europe do and this is why I would like to promote the European values and to contribute in making a world where we see each other as members of a greater family".

Dimitra contributes articles in Greek for OneEurope Greece, as well as articles in English for the main website of OneEurope .She has studied at the Panteion University of Athens, as well as at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Dimitra speaks Greek, German, English and French. 

Dimitra can be contacted at: dimitra.kaliva@one-europe.info