Dan Sabau is an academic, with an active involvement in social and cultural issues. Besides writing for OneEurope and promoting the European Idea, he is also one of the initiators of a cultural association in Almeria (Southern Spain).

In his writings and activities he always maintains an optimistic and positive attitude. In his own words:
I'm a "PRO" blogger! Although sometimes we need an "ANTI" attitude, like the anti A.C.T.A. and S.O.P.A. attitude, I think the positive attitude is essential for a healthy environment.

He is also a keen pioneer of the power of the internet to promote democracy, knowledge and new ideas:
The internet is for the moment the main promoter of ideas in the world, and the messages published on the internet must be positive or else...
Dan's ideas, articles and activities can be found on his blog, and on OneEurope.