Christoph was born in Germany and has studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Warwick and the University of Richmond. He has co-founded the political organization Stimme für Europa (only in German at the moment), which strives to foster European integration and is a founding member of the Warwick section of the Young European Movement.

He thinks of himself as a European German, but would gladly be a true European once a federal Europe has been established. He strongly believes in the ideals on which the European Union is built and considers the EU to be in a unique position to uphold and defend them. In the long term he wants to contribute towards a more integrated Europe, which means for him a fairer and more social Europe from the citizens for the citizens.

In his spare time, Christoph enjoys playing basketball and chess. Besides speaking German and English he is currently attempting to learn French and Arabic and has proudly and equally uselessly completed 6 years of language classes in Latin.