Founder of OneEurope

With a background in physics, mathematics and design and a passion for politics Cherian was looking for means to encourage the development of transnational civic movements in order to pave the ground for more democratic sovereignty at the European level. 

Cherian gathered a few hundred people from many different places in Europe online and engaged them in intense debates on European affairs, intercultural issues, technological solutions and common cross-European interests within groups on Facebook.

It became a place to connect with and exchange experiences from different European backgrounds. The space of a "wall" however was very limited. Therefore Cherian formed a team of the most active 'OneEuropeans' which started to development a website and an increasingly diverse and numerous team of volunteers. In its most active period the core team counted up to 30 editors, social media managers, coordinators and hundreds of regular contributors.  

Cherian puts hope in the digital revolution to become an opportunity to develop a trans-national public of Europeans, evolving their society around citizens and democratic ideals rather than territorial nationalism.  

You can reach him via email: