Founder of OneEurope

With a background in physics and design and a passion for politics Cherian was looking ways to encourage the development of transnational civic movements in order to pave the ground for more democratic sovereignty at the European level. 

It started with a group on facebook.
A few hundred people from many different places in Europe joined quickly and engaged in intense discussions and conversations about European topics.

The group became a place to connect with and exchange the experiences of different European backgrounds. The space of a "wall" however was very limited. Fortunately it turned out that a group of people wanted to invest more time in the project and create an independent website for the purpose. Since then OneEurope has developed into a media platform with hundreds of contributors. 

Cherian puts hope in the digital revolution to become an opportunity to develop a trans-national public of Europeans, evolving their society around citizens and democratic ideals rather than nations.