A BA in Modern Languages and Civilizations, a future MA in Literary and Essay Translation, a dreamed international post-lauream career. Born in Brazil, grown up in Italy, lived and studied in Hong Kong, Celeste loves describing herself as a world citizen, literally meaning it.

She has been member of AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe – European Students’ Forum) since 2005, actively promoting the association main principles and aims: a unified Europe without prejudices, in which a democratic, open and tolerant society can find its place, respectful of human rights and individual differences.

She has multiple interests and passions, including languages and cultures, world politics, sports, food, cats and martial arts; but what she considers for her a sort of raison d'être is traveling:

"Traveling is definitely part of my personal being, a sort of necessity (or addiction) for my physical and mental stability in my life-existence. Traveling is for me a three-sixty enriching experience, a continuous and never-ending personal recherche and individual development".