Carmo is a graduate of hotel management, a fast moving and high pressure environment. She has also worked with Spanish local governing body, public authorities and the general public whilst working in tourism. Before this, in 2010 she had been involved as junior consultant in a entrepreneur project funded by European Union, to enhance the performance of small and medium sized enterprises registered on the local Chamber of Commerce 

Carmo participated in several occasions in European youth programmes, including a student exchange in Germany in 2000. A few years afterwards, she participated in the Eurodyssey programme in Spain for young professionals from Europe seeking international experience.

Currently, she is nourishing key ideas around leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational Pschycology, business ethics and creative enterprises. Professionally, she is always happy to engage in something exciting no matter how busy her agenda is. She will be writing for OneEurope also about subjects as tourism, leisure industries, events, health and well-being businesses, corporate hospitality and hospitality business.