Betony Clasby holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Exeter. Passionate about making a difference, she believes it is crucial to understand the underpinnings of our pro- and anti-social behaviours, both in terms of individual and group psychology, in order to inform the promotion of pro-social behaviour. She has published research in international neurotrauma journals, and continues to research in the field of offending.

Enthusiastic about accessibility and equality, at the age of 14 she learnt British Sign Language after a chance encounter with a d/Deaf woman in a restaurant. Following on from this, in the past year she has designed and conducted a research project looking at emotion understanding in deaf young people and whether current assessments disadvantage deaf individuals; a first for her department at the University of Exeter.

Betony loves to explore different cultures and is looking for opportunities to work abroad in order to gain grounding in International Development. She is pursuing a career in this field, eventually aiming to use expert Psychological knowledge as a springboard to promote pro-social policy change.  

Find out more about Betony from her LinkedIn profile or her Research Gate profile.