Benjamin is the creator of the Worldmapper project - a collection of maps in which territories are re-sized according to the subject of interest, from population and GDP statistics to internet usage and religion.

He expanded on his research with the creation of "Gridded Cartograms" - the first ever made compilation of maps showing population distributions in cartogram form at that level of detail for every country of the world.

"It's always fascinating to see that unusual cartographic depictions also trigger quite emotional reactions.

This helps to support an open debate about Europe - and will hopefully bring us all closer together."

This fits perfectly with the purpose and aim of OneEurope, so expect to see a lot of his work here!

Benjamin's next ambition is to create an 'Atlas of Europe' based on all of his previous research.

And here is some more detail on his impressive academic background:

An academic geographer educated at the Universities of Cologne and Bonn as well as the the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Bremerhaven/Germany) where he conducted research on hyperspectral remote sensing applications in coastal ecosystems.

After working as a research assistant and lecturer in human and urban geography at the Urban and Social Geography Working Group of the Department of Geography, University of Cologne (Germany) he joined the Social and Spatial Inequalities Research Group at the University of Sheffield (UK).

He completed his PhD as part of the Worldmapper project with research on visualising the social dimensions of our planet. He continues to work as a senior research fellow at the Department of Geography researching social inequalities, humanity’s impact on Earth, global sustainability and new concepts for the visualisation of these issues.

Read more about Benjamin here.