Barbara is an editor at OneEurope.

Barbara has a background in Film, Scandinavian and Communication Studies. She graduated from Eötvös Loránd University with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, and from University of Gothenburg with a Master of Science degree in Communication.

She is currently the Editor in Chief at the Hungarian design magazine Hype and Hyper and culture editor at Humana, a human rights journal. Barbara also contributes regularly to Cinema Scandinavia and is one of the volunteers at the Scandinavian House Foundation in Budapest.

Barbara is interested in how social, economic and political issues are reflected upon in art and cultural works such as film, literature, music etc. She speaks Hungarian, English and Swedish.

“Europe and the world are not as big as we sometimes think, and what is more, every person exists just a few people away from us. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of our concepts of exclusiveness and start communicating with each other. One can hardly find a better way to gain knowledge of Europe and the world than by exchanging experiences with others.”