António was born in Lisbon, in 1989. He studied Law for three years, including 6 months in Buenos Aires (Argentina), before following his real passion, international politics. He holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations from the New University of Lisbon (Portugal) and he is currently completing a Master’s degree in European Studies at the same university.

António believes in a more social and democratic model for the European Union, where people could elect, judge and participate actively. Despite this or that position he stands for a proactive public debate about the present and future of Europe which is something that unfortunately he does not find in the spotlight of the public-agenda in his country, Portugal.

He was involved in the Project for a Democratic Union’s Lisbon Office and completed, in January, a fruitful traineeship at the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, where he developed his knowledge about the organisation’s approach for the Mediterranean Region and Africa in the fields of Youth, Global Education and Democratic Processes.

Recently he ventured into journalism and writes for an important Portuguese newspaper PÚBLICO, in the “World” section.

He also has strong interest for the post-Soviet space, Security Studies and Latin America.