Ana has graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in English, University of Bucharest. Right now she is pursuing a master degree in International Relations and one in Comparative Politics: Central and Eastern European Politics and Societies.

Since she was six years old until twelve years old she has had a radio show for children at a local radio station, and another one for teenagers during highschool. She has played in various plays in French during high school and attended international theater festivals.

Ana is fluent in English, French and Italian and she writes absurd theater plays. Soon her first book will be published.

"I believe in a democractic and open society whose citizens' right to representativity and participation to the political life is ensured. I am an idealist and I believe in a better world and in a more united Europe. I think young people should influence the educational policies which affect them and should have a firm voice in the decisional process which regards their education and future training. I love art and I love to write theater. I believe we can change the world."