After graduating from St. Lawrence College in Athens, Alkis traveled to England to study International Relations with Political Science at the University of Birmingham. Alkis is deeply interested in how biology and psychology affect politics; more importantly, how these two natural sciences can accurately explain how processes within each individual impact their public choices, and shape the behavior of broader political organisms.

Alkis is currently finishing his B.A’s final year, and is expected to move onto his M.Sc within Political Psychology, focusing primarily on his interests of the role of individual responsibility in the shaping of a society, and the severe complications for individuals / society fixated on ideologies, particularly of a utopian nature. There is no canvas more steeply saturated with numerous ideologies or utopian visions than Europe’s rich history. Thus, wouldn’t it be wrong of me to not explore my academic interests whilst attempting to better the future of my home?

In addition to his interests in Political Psychology, Alkis plays club-level Rugby within Greece and Birmingham. He is a fluent speaker of English and Greek, and has basic knowledge of both French and Spanish. Traveling and music are two intrinsic aspects of Alkis’ life.