Aisling Twomey is the Director of Communications of an Irish MEP and has been working for OneEurope as an editor and writer.

She lives and works in Ireland where she studied Law at University College Cork. She holds an LLM with a Criminal Justice focus. Aisling is particularly interested in human rights, counter terrorism and immigration issues. She has been published in the Irish Law Times and has been writing and editing for five years.

"When Europe banded together in an effort to make the continent a place of peace and prosperity, nobody could have imagined the vision that has brought us to behemoth of international relations that exists today. What started as something so small and focused has emerged into a global partner for peace, development and law that allows us to strive far and away above the capacities of individual states, in order to achieve a higher sense of what is right and fair. Analysing developments into the future is exciting when we look at the dreams that made up the past."