Agnieszka SZYMANSKI @AgnieszkaVesp

Agnieszka is Polish but has been living in Brittany for 10 years. She is a teacher and loves literature, European culture and history, alternative music and politics. She speaks Polish, German, English and French, and just started to learn Breton. Before teaching, she used to work in finance for a pharmaceutical company.


Florian is a freelance graphic designer and web developer, and also works for an agri-food company marketing department. He is involved in various associative and activist projects for Breton language (Ar RedadegAi’ta!, …), the reunification of Brittany (Bretagne Réunie, Dibab, …), the think-tank “Erispoe”, and the development of Gaelic football (Brittany GAA). The EU commitment (relationships, federalism, and much more) takes place in most of the work conducted by Florian.

He always lived in Brittany and intends to travel in Europe and outside more often. He speaks French, and is still learning Breton, English and German. He claims his Breton nationality. He is curious and enjoys debates.