Adriana graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest, where the classes are entirely in French. She is currently pursuing a European masters degree (EGALES - Etudes Genre et Actions Liées à l’Egalité dans la Société), with a double diploma from the University of Bucharest and the University Lumiere Lyon II.

Adriana considers herself a lucky person for everything she's done so far. She remembers with pleasure childhood moments and the important people of her life. Each experience gave her new knowledge, friends or true earnings. Her success is the desire to achieve everything she wants, mixed with a little luck and patience. 

Adriana loves traveling, and has visited many places thanks to various scholarships or involvement in different projects. She has always been impressed by intelligent people with whom she came in contact. Sharing ideas is a key way to understand that if you are interested in certain things in life, you can follow them and you can achieve success. In addition to various projects and organizations in which she is involved, Adriana realized that she always needs a greater connection to keep alive this entire activity.

Some of the projects that have helped Adriana to improve her knowledge and learn a lot are: President of scholars for her hometown and Head of the Romanian delegation to the European Parliament Simulation, Quebec-Canada-Europe: Rome, August 2013 and Edmonton, Canada 2014.