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This infographic about youth unemployment has been made by Statista (

Youth Unemployment in Europe

Spain is the European country with the worst youth unemployment rate


Mladiinfo International Assembly

Mladiinfo International Unites Young Leaders to Fight Youth Unemployment

Mladiinfo gathered 40 youth leaders with the goal of creating an informal youth network, which is able to find solutions and create strategies which will reduce youth unemployment in Europe.

Hanna Starchyk on

The European Interns' Day will take place on 18th July at Place du Lux in Brussels.

Interns Out There: Now Is the Time!

"4.5 million take an internship per year, out of which 59% are unpaid, 40% are without a contract and 30% are internships that do not provide any learning content"

Virág Gulyás on

Youth Unemployment is perhaps the biggest issue facing Europe. It is costing an estimated 153 Billion Euro every year and it is creating a 'Lost Generation'.

Can the 'Lost Generation' save the 'Lost Generation'?

An analysis on whether the youth itself, along with the "Youth Unemployment Agenda", can feasibly reduce unemployment across Europe.

Dina Rokic on

#Infographic: EU Youth Unemployment

#Infographic: EU Youth Unemployment

Massive Youth Unemployment has been devastating our continent for years (many say since before the Eurocrisis), creating an economic catastrophe and at the same time a lost generation.