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Hollande has made statements supportive of lifting Russian sanctions.

France opts in favour of Russia before the Parisian tragedy

The French leader Francois Hollande had announced on the 5th of January during his interview for the France Inter Radio about his willingness to lift the EU sanctions against Russia.

Lusine Sargsyan on

Cherian Grundmann and Ivan Botoucharov, Co-Founders & Co-Presidents of OneEurope

2015: Will Europe learn to lead?

An overview of the challenges which emerged in 2014 and Europe's response in 2015.

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This infographic of deadliest countries for journalists has been made by Statista (

The Deadliest Countries for Journalists in 2014

This year Ukraine has been one of the most dangerous countries for journalists


Europe has been diversifying its sources of energy imports in recent years.

Putin’s Energy Weapon -­ Europe’s Ultimate Test

This is the time for Europe to stand up to the bully by creating a political foundation which will put an end to Putin’s aggression by depriving Russia of its geopolitical tool once and for all.

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Ukraine Crisis Map - The Situation as of 30 October

Stories from Hell: Hostages of the "Donetsk People’s Republic" - Part 2

Real stories of Ukrainian people taken hostage in Donbas

Maria Tomak on

The latest situation in the east of Ukraine. Despite the "ceasefire" the situation is still fluid.

Stories from Hell: Hostages of the "Donetsk People’s Republic" - Part 1

Real stories of Ukrainian people taken hostage in Donbas

Maria Tomak on

Independence Square - the heart of the Euromaidan protests

Legal Dynamics and Strategic Consequences of the Ukrainian Crisis

“The EU and Russia don't have a strategic plan of action and cooperation anymore, and it is necessary to strengthen the security for European States which have common boundaries with Russia”

Alessandro Vitiello on

A very large civil society developed in Ukraine over the past year.

Ukraine - between Russia and the EU

Ukraine faces a challenging future between the Russian Federation and Europe.

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The Ukrainian Crisis has affected prices for Russian gas in Europe.

Europe and Russia: how much does the gas cost?

What does Europe pay Russia for the gas?


Despite the existence of many European and Global defence organizations in which European countries participate, defence expenditure overall has been dropping significantly throughout the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Europe Caught Napping on Defence

Defence expenditure in Europe has dropped significantly over the past two decades, encouraged by the end of the Cold War and the Eurocrisis.

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The Ukrainian Crisis in a Nutshell

The situation in eastern Ukraine and Crimea could not have been described better!


40,000 Russian troops remain on Ukraine's borders, while more and more weapons and ammunition are making their way into eastern Ukraine.

Breaking News in Ukraine

This week has been crucial in the development of the Ukrainian Crisis, and the politics of Europe as a whole.