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The British EU Referendum will define the future of the UK and of the European Union.

Campaign to keep the UK in the EU

If you think the UK is better off in the EU, check out "Remain Great, Remain In".

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Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference

‘Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference’

We all have a story worth telling, and each of us is a storyteller. Powerful stories told by migrant women to inspire and pursue your dreams, craft your future, and love your life.

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Robert Schuman - one of the Founding Fathers of the European Union

Review: Pour l’Europe, by Robert Schuman

A European book written more than 50 years ago, yet more current than ever.

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This infographic about Easter candies has been made by Best Infographic Design (

Easter Candy Around the World

The highest consumption of Easter candies worldwide is recorded in the UK


The proposal to increase the territorial waters of Spain and Portugal

Portugal & Spain - the territorial disputes of Olivenza and the Savage Islands (Part II)

Despite EU integration, territorial grievances in Europe still linger on

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This statistic about lethal drugs in Britain and in Wales has been made by Statista (

Smoking & Alcohol account for the most Drug-Related Deaths in Europe

Smoking and alcohol are responsible for more deaths than cannabis


This list of Aviation Accidents has been made by Statista (

Countries with the highest amount of fatal civil aviation accidents since 1945

The UK and France are the only European countries with the highest number of airline accidents


UK Migration Attitudes

UK Migration Attitudes

United in Diversity!


This infographic about LP has been made by Statista (

Vinyl Comes Back To A New Life

USA, Germany and the UK are the countries in which LP are more sold



Increased localism renews interest in democracy and can save Great Britain

Localism's importance in democracy

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This infographic about Movember has been made by Statista (

The Movember Foundraising

Movember is an important fundraising against male cancer


Driverless Cars include much more technology than traditional cars.

Driverless Cars in Europe - from 2015!

Britain will introduce driverless cars in a couple of months, and the rest of Europe will follow soon after.


Brexit is a sensitive issue in Britain

British Euroscepticism and Immigration

Would an EU exit really solve Britain’s immigration problems?

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Infographic revealing the results of the Scottish referendum by region.

Referendum Aftermath: Seeking a different type of Society in Scotland

What does the Scottish referendum result mean and what will its effects be on Britain and Europe?

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The percentage of created pages in some European countries

Online Page Creation in Europe

There is a big gap between the North and the South of Europe in Online Page Creation


Scotland in numbers

Discovering Scotland

How much do you know about Scotland?


Scotland flag and the ballout paper for the referendum

Should I stay or should I go?

The Scots decide today if they leave the United Kingdom.


Both the Yes and the No campaigns had many arguments to support their opinion, as well as many supporters.

The Campaigns of the Scottish Independence Referendum

During the last week before the Referendum on the 18th of September, the Scottish Independence debate was hotter than ever.

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The use of the social media LinkedIn in Europe

LinkedIn in Europe

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms.


Buchanan Street - 13 September

Why I came out for Yes

Kenneth MacArthur describes his motivation for supporting Scotland's independence.

Kenneth MacArthur on

There only a couple of weeks left until Scotland's independence referendum.

Scotland and EU Membership in the Case of Independence

There is a heated debate on Scotland's EU Membership in case they become an independent state.

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An independent Scotland will give a new momentum to Europe's pro-independence regions.

4 Key Reasons the Scottish Referendum is Crucial to Europe

Whatever the result, the Scottish Independence Referendum will have very significant geopolitical, economic, regional and political effects on Europe.

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David Cameron as an obstacle for democracy?

David Cameron as an obstacle for democracy?

Refusing the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as the President of the European Commission, British Prime Minister has a clear position on the European Union: open, flexible, competitive union, but with lack of democracy.

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Scotland's independence

Scotland's independence

Considering the historical bounds between the UK and Scotland, it is realistically hard to believe that a possible partition would put into question the ties that exist between them.

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UK Young Ambassadors participate in the Structured Dialogue process – a process which takes place across the European Union whereby young people and decision makers work together on improving youth policy.

Spotlight on the Young Ambassadors

"A respectable 41% of 18-25s in the UK remain in favour of our continuing European membership (vs. 32% against)"

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EU - the only viable option for the 21st century

EU - the only viable option for the 21st century

EU - the only option for the 21st century


Former French PM to Britain: "Get out of EU!"

Former French PM to Britain: "Get out of EU!"

Former French PM to Britain: "Get out of EU!"


Welcome to the UK! Passport/ID, please.

Welcome to the UK! Passport/ID, please.

While the UK discusses the pros and cons of its EU membership, a well-informed public might be the key for Schengen membership.

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BG Careers Fair @UK

The Bulgarian Invasion of the UK: Reloaded

The Story of a Bulgarian Careers Fair in the UK

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The UK - France Summit

The UK - France Summit

New perspectives and division on the European political arena

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