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3 Key Reasons why the UK Election Backfired for the UK Government

3 Key Reasons why the UK Election Backfired for the UK Government

The early election of the UK parliament didn't turn out to be a problem-solver as planned

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

Should the Elgin Marbles be returned to Greece?

Should the Elgin Marbles be returned to Greece?

The Elgin Marbles  also known as the Parthenon Marbles, are a collection of Classical Greek art made under the supervision of the architect and sculptor Phidias and his assistants. 

George Vasiloglou on

Brexit Grexit and Italexit: What is happening to Europe?

Brexit Grexit and Italexit: What is happening to Europe?

The Brexit fear that came true

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

EU flag reflection

Did Brexit reflect EU's failure to build a concrete and lasting European identity?

Iain Duncan Smith had once stated that: “ I am an optimist about the UK. We have been involved in trade with our European partners, which we will always be …

Alex Saltout on

The populism nexus and the grim future of humanity

The populism nexus and the grim future of humanity

Theocharis Livanos on

Welcome to the “post truth politics” age

Welcome to the “post truth politics” age

There is no doubt that the political status quo in Europe is changing amazingly fast raising concerns at the same time about the stability of the political system in many…

Marios Nomikos on

Brexit vs EU

Brexit Process will begin by the end of March 2017

Katerina Dipla on

Europe after Brexit

Europe after Brexit

The “EU project” will continue to exist and play a crucial role for the European continent and the world, but Britain will be a simple observer.

Dimitrios Dagdeverenis on

The alternatives for the UK in the post-Brexit era

The alternatives for the UK in the post-Brexit era

The economic consequences of leaving the EU will depend on what policies the UK adopts following Brexit. But lower trade due to reduced integration with EU countries is likely to cost the UK economy far more than is gained from lower contributions to the EU budget.

Narine Petrosyan on

The fate of the EU

The fate of the EU

The European Union has undoubtedly been the most fascinating experiment in the history of political discourse, but the reason its accomplishments seemed so artificial is the bloc's whole controversy.

Alex Saltout on

A Union Flag flutters next to a European Union (EU) flag, and other

Unfortunately maybe we are not a family

Some serious developments seem to threat the vision of the European Integration

Angelis Panopoulos on

EU, Scottish and UK flags

The day after tomorrow

What is next for the UK and the EU?

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

Reactions from the European Parliament

Reactions from the European Parliament

Britain votes to leave


Top European Colonists

Top European Colonists

UK is by far the number 1


Brexit Caricature

Stronger together?

A caricature of Brexit


The Europeers Logo

What does it mean to be a Europeer?

Europe needs youth mobility and entrepreneurship more than ever.

Olga Ambrosiewicz on


Is the European Union ready to deal with these new potential economic crises?

How can a potential Brexit and the independence of Catalonia impact EU

Athanasios Vasilopoulos on

EU and UK flags

Yes to Europe: Dismissing the Eurosceptic Claims

Uncovering the inaccuracies and myths behind some of the most frequent eurosceptic arguments against EU membership

Robert Heslop on

Polish RAF No. 303 Squadron

Remembering the Battle of Britain

On this historic day we remember all those that fought and why we must remain united in Europe

Gareth Bell on

Graphic visualising the response, when British people were asked to finish the sentence: "The UK's closest ties should be to..." (results in %).

No Country is an Island

What is the British identity and how can it relate to the European Union? Being geographically part and at the same time separated from the continent, it may be stated that Britain maintained quite a detached attitude towards it due to its island identity.

Irina Suchkova on


King's College London Societies: ESKA

Forging a vibrant student community in study and an active Alumni when leaving study

Robert Heslop on

 London Life

The KCL European Society, the Place for 'Generation Europe'

Ambitiously forging a common European identity amongst London's students.

Robert Heslop on

Is UK going to leave the European Union?

Are We Really United in Diversity?

Exploring the influence of the right-wing media on our perception

Asher Simpson on

Top 10 countries by infrastructure

Top ten countries with the best infrastructure in the world

Six out of the top ten countries are European!


Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori

Interview with Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori

A conversation with Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori, a leading expert on international politics, discussing some of the most important areas of the planet. We talk about China, UK and US relations and the Italian role in the Mediterranean Sea.

Andrea Bonetti on

The Exit Argument

Assessing the Battlefield: Why are There Calls for 'Brexit'?

What is driving the anti-EU and no campaign in the Brexit referendum?

OneEurope on

Picture of a reenactment of the Waterloo battle

Marking the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

Europe marks this year the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the defeat of Napoleon on June 18, 1815. Many Europeans consider it a special day that decided Europe’s fate and put an end to the bloody conflicts across the continent.

Natalia Ghincul on

The British EU Referendum will define the future of the UK and of the European Union.

Campaign to keep the UK in the EU

If you think the UK is better off in the EU, check out "Remain Great, Remain In".

OneEurope on

Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference

‘Inspiring Migrant Woman Conference’

We all have a story worth telling, and each of us is a storyteller. Powerful stories told by migrant women to inspire and pursue your dreams, craft your future, and love your life.

Kinga Natalia Kuchta on

Robert Schuman - one of the Founding Fathers of the European Union

Review: Pour l’Europe, by Robert Schuman

A European book written more than 50 years ago, yet more current than ever.

Ligia Corduneanu on