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Pro Erdogan rally after the failed coup attempt

Turkey's unfolding expansionism

Turkey’s domestic situation is highly unstable with terrorist attacks, increasing economic problems, unemployment, clashes against the Kurds at its south-east borders, tens of thousands of arrests that had as their …

Georgios Karabelas on

Democracy alla turca

Democracy alla turca

Turkey has been in the highlights of international media during the last decade, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi – AKP) made big achievements …

Fábio Paulos on

The populism nexus and the grim future of humanity

The populism nexus and the grim future of humanity

Haris Livanos on

Is Turkey a new danger for Europe?

Is Turkey a new danger for Europe?

The aftermath of the coup finds Turkey in the middle of critical decisions about its geopolitical future. Recep Tayipp Erdogan, Turkey's president since 2002, has the momentum in favour of…

Yiannis Piliouras on

The EU and the Turkish flag

A "de facto suspension" of the EU-Turkey deal

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) states that the agreement between Turkey and the EU on a way to deal with the refugee crisis has, in reality, collapsed. …

Katerina Dipla on

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the new Ak Saray presidential palace (White Palace) on the outskirts of Ankara

House of Coups

An insightful interview on the recent developments in Turkey after the failed coup attempt

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

Refugee crisis: The EU and Turkey's ugly response

Refugee crisis: The EU and Turkey's ugly response

When the EU-Turkey refugee preliminary accord saw the light of day on March 8th, humanitarian organisations and the United Nations didn't need much time to raise their moral and legal concerns.

María Ruiz Nievas on

The EU-Turkey refugee deal: Is it legal?

The EU-Turkey refugee deal: Is it legal?

The clock is ticking and it is still unclear if the EU will manage to seal a refugee agreement with Turkey by the end of the week.

María Ruiz Nievas on

EU-Turkish flag

The EU-Turkey Summit and future prospects for the EU-Turkey Relations

Switching the focus from Turkey's accession in the EU towards Euro-Turkish cooperation on pressing matters

Dimitrios Dagdeverenis on

UN Green Line, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Cyprus Issue; a matter of schedule or a matter of understanding the history and going further?

New negotiations create new opportunities and challenges.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

Russian warplane shot down

Russian warplane shot down by Turkey

Russian warplanes are violating the NATO airspace for months


A sign displayed during the demonstration in Paris

Pro-Kurdish Demonstration in Paris

OneEurope contributor Fabio Paulos reports from the recent pro-Kurdish protest held in Paris

Fábio Paulos on

The striking similarities between Lisbon and Istanbul

Lisbon and Istanbul: the Princesses

OneEurope author Fabio Paulos explores some of the similarities between Lisbon & Istanbul.

Fábio Paulos on

Turkey's military might is being tested in the current political context

Turkey: a Complex Situation

The Current Challenging Context Facing Turkey

Fábio Paulos on

The Turkish Election

Is this the end of the New Turkey?

Turkey held its 24th general election in its history last 7th of June. The new 550 MPs are now part of the 25th Grand National Assembly of Turkey. As expected, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the election but for the first time in power they did not achieved majority. A coalition government will now govern Turkey during next years if the parties agree of one. They have 45 days to achieve a consensus before a new elections can be marked.

Fábio Paulos on

Map of the Turkish elections

Infographic: Turkish Parliamentary Elections 2015

The success of pro-Kurdish party HDP has been a big surprise.


Elections in Turkey

Turkish Elections 2015

The news has thus far been packed with election news from many member states of the European Union. To name but a few: there were recently elections in Greece which saw Tsipras and Syriza take power, in the UK the Conservatives surprised many by winning a majority, and the local Spanish elections have also made the headlines due to the rise in new parties such as the Ciudadanos and Podemos, which have shaken the current ruling axis, it shows that the people of Spain are far from content with the status quo.

Jorge Jesus on

The State of Play

The State of Play

A Brave New World on Europe's Eastern Border


Hagia Sophia, a landmark of Istanbul

Once Erasmus, Forever Erasmus: A Portuguese Erasmus Experience in Istanbul

A personal account of one of our Portuguese writer's Erasmus adventure in Istanbul

Fábio Paulos on

Portugal-Turkey Intergovernmental Summit

First Portugal-Turkey Intergovernmental Summit

Portugal - Turkey relations are improving and getting closer

Fábio Paulos on

European Enlargement

European Enlargement

There are currently 5 candidate member-states for the EU, but which one/s will join first?

OneEurope Writing Contest on

med cezir

Soft power broadcasted through Turkish lenses

The unique style of Turkish Soap Operas captivates the world with such elements the audience can identify with, will this perhaps change our view on Turkey?

Andreea Cristina Apostol on

Turkey and the EU

My Europe – What Will Become of it?

Today, the 1st of January of 2030, Turkey has officially joined the European Union. After 25 years of endless negotiations, both the European Commission and the member states gave their endorsement to this much debated entrance.

My Europe on

Watchtower of Turkey

Watchtower of Turkey

Sightseeing Europe!


This list of the most policed countries in the world has been made by Statista (

The Most Heavily Policed Countries in the World

Russia, Turkey and Italy are the most policed countries in the world


Volkan Bozkir is very passionate about Turkey's European path.

Turkey’s New EU Strategy

Volkan Bozkir comments on the most important aspects of the Turkey-EU partnership

Cem Kocer on

Will Turkey achieve its dream of EU Membership?

New winds are blowing in Turkey: is EU membership on the horizon after all?

New Winds Blowing in Turkey's EU Ambitions

Michel Anderlini on

The Turkish Minister of EU Affairs and the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs

Portugal and Turkey - The Good Friends

Portugal and Turkey have more in common than you might think.

Fábio Paulos on

Integration is one of the key topics of our age, but how can we successfully achieve it?

Integration in Europe: Why the problem is not a matter of religion

Integrating minorities has proven easier said than done, but religion should not be the one to blame.

Volina Serban on

The new Ataturk, or a new Sultan? Or Both?

The Next Sultan

There are many challenges awaiting Erdogan, before and after he changes the constitution to grant himself executive powers.

Fábio Paulos on