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Parliamentary Democracy in UK – possibly a modern day failure

Parliamentary Democracy in UK – possibly a modern day failure

Short-termism and micromanagement fails to deal even with basic standards - it's time to re-order executive responsibilities

Chris Clyne on

EU, Scottish and UK flags

The day after tomorrow

What is next for the UK and the EU?

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

Scotland's constituencies and their election results

How Scotland Became Yellow

An overview of the momentous SNP victory in Scotland

Tanya Zhekova on


Increased localism renews interest in democracy and can save Great Britain

Localism's importance in democracy

Guest Author on

Infographic revealing the results of the Scottish referendum by region.

Referendum Aftermath: Seeking a different type of Society in Scotland

What does the Scottish referendum result mean and what will its effects be on Britain and Europe?

Katarzyna Nazarewicz on

Brittany, including Loire-Atlantique, with its capital city Naoned / Nantes.

Democracy for Scotland: “What about us?” asks Brittany

With a territory the size of Denmark, 5 million inhabitants, and a GDP that could be a lot higher, (the Loire-Atlantique would represent 40% of Brittany’s GDP), the reunified region would hold a lot of strength within France.

Agnieszka Szymanski & Florian Lannuzel on

Will UK Learn to Love Federalism Now?

Will UK Learn to Love Federalism Now?

Federalism - a word that stands for everything Brits hate about the EU. Now, after the vote in Scotland, will things turn around?


Scotland in numbers

Discovering Scotland

How much do you know about Scotland?


Scotland flag and the ballout paper for the referendum

Should I stay or should I go?

The Scots decide today if they leave the United Kingdom.


Both the Yes and the No campaigns had many arguments to support their opinion, as well as many supporters.

The Campaigns of the Scottish Independence Referendum

During the last week before the Referendum on the 18th of September, the Scottish Independence debate was hotter than ever.

Lucie Wuester on

Buchanan Street - 13 September

Why I came out for Yes

Kenneth MacArthur describes his motivation for supporting Scotland's independence.

Kenneth MacArthur on

There only a couple of weeks left until Scotland's independence referendum.

Scotland and EU Membership in the Case of Independence

There is a heated debate on Scotland's EU Membership in case they become an independent state.

Tanya Zhekova on

An independent Scotland will give a new momentum to Europe's pro-independence regions.

4 Key Reasons the Scottish Referendum is Crucial to Europe

Whatever the result, the Scottish Independence Referendum will have very significant geopolitical, economic, regional and political effects on Europe.

Ivan Botoucharov on

There are many great festivals in Europe this summer!

Summer ’14: The Fringe Festival and other Unmissable Events!

Check out the biggest European festivals and cultural events this summer.

Santino Santinelli on

Scotland's independence

Scotland's independence

Considering the historical bounds between the UK and Scotland, it is realistically hard to believe that a possible partition would put into question the ties that exist between them.

Andreea Cristina Apostol on

Flag of Scotland

Quo Vadis dear Scotland?

After years of discussions and demands by the Scottish people, they will finally have a chance to decide whether to remain in the UK or not.

Mateusz Krupczynski on

Separatist campaigns in Catalonia and Scotland

Integration through separation: Catalonia and Scotland

Catalonia is not Spain; Scotland is not England; but everyone wants to be European

Hallvard Barbogen on