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Western Press blames Russia for the downed MH17 in Ukraine

Western Press blames Russia for the downed MH17 in Ukraine

The outrageous terroristic act in the Ukraine may finally make the West act


There have been thousands of Euromaidan / Ukraine protests around the world. Now even the town of Aachen witnessed them, during the crucial European Charlemagne Prize.

The European Charlemagne Prize and Ukraine

Ukraine was present in at least one of the projects that were presented in the European Charlemagne Youth Prize.

Yuliya Kosharevska on

Despite the huge social, economic and political tensions in Ukraine created by the Ukrainian Crisis, the Ukrainian people are still united. In fact, according to many experts, it has helped in the nation-building process.

Is Ukraine United?

The Ukrainian Crisis has brought huge social, economic and political tensions in Ukraine, but are the Ukrainians still united?


Bulgaria halted work on South Stream Pipeline

Bulgaria halted work on South Stream Pipeline

The Bulgarian PM Plamen Oresharski announced on Sunday, 8th of June that the construction of Russia’s strategic South Stream Pipeline has been suspended. The South Stream Pipeline, being financed by …

Michel Anderlini on

"Russian Speaking" is not the same as "Ethnic Russian". There are almost no regions in Europe with a majority of Ethnic Russian population - including the east of Ukraine.

Ethnic Russian Population in Eastern Europe

These maps show that the regions with a majority of Russian speaking population, do not actually have a majority of ethnic Russians. This destroys the Kremlins entire theory of protecting ethnic Russians outside of Russia.


Donetsk citizens surrounding and protecting the statue of Lenin after pro-Russian TV broadcasted the news that Right Sector was coming to destroy it.

Donetsk should not be separated from Ukraine - we are one country!

One Europe's reporter Julián Péter interviewed a Ukrainian student about the situation in Ukraine and the perspectives of its solution

Julian Peter on