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Romani women, Moldova

Access to Education in Moldova: Is Education Inclusive and Equal for Everyone in Europe?

Access to education is one of the key requirements for an equal and fair society. However for some of Europe's most vulnerable citizens there are many obstacles to enjoying this basic right.

Gosia Juchniewicz on

The French deportation of a Roma student

The French deportation of a Roma student

For the past three weeks, a very divisive topic has occupied French public opinion.

Christos Mouzeviris on

How far can racism go?

How far can racism go?

A child was taken from her family just because she looked different?

Aisling Twomey on

Roma population around Europe, estimates

The Roma in Europe - The French Experience

Immigration of Romanian and Bulgarian Romani people to France stir up a long-lasting heated debate

Desislava Slavcheva on