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The EU border-work in Turkey

The EU border-work in Turkey

Due to their geostrategic location, transit countries, such as Turkey, have been playing a central role in controlling the rise of transnational organised crime (TOC) and migration flows from east/south …

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

EU flag in a fence

Home of the Lion: Slaughterhouse of the sheep

“The world, is going up in flames,” Charles Bradley had once sung: “and nobody wants to take the blame.” In fact, the year 2015-2016 reflect Charles Bradley’s song more than …

Alex Saltout on

Merkel with refugees in Berlin

The rise of anti-immigrant policy in EU

The rise of anti-immigrant policy in EU

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The EU and the Turkish flag

A "de facto suspension" of the EU-Turkey deal

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) states that the agreement between Turkey and the EU on a way to deal with the refugee crisis has, in reality, collapsed. …

Katerina Dipla on

No Let-up in the Refugee Crisis

No Let-up in the Refugee Crisis

How is going on?


Police in front of Cologne's central station

The Cologne attacks aftermath and how they will shape Europe

Debating the actions that should be taken in light of the NYE Cologne attacks

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Migration crisis

Migration crisis

European Unity is Under Strain


Sailing in rough seas. Can the EU weather the storm?

Europe in Crisis: Is This the End of the EU?

Refugee crisis, debt crisis, eurozone crisis, Brexit, Grexit...Is the end of the European Union in sight?

James Bailey on

A 'thank you' message written by a Syrian refugee in Vienna's Westbahnhof

What has the immigration crisis taught us about Europe?

After spending time in Vienna’s Westbahnhof OneEurope guest contributor Anna Wilson reflects on what the refugee crisis is revealing about Europe.

Guest Author on

A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, 3, who died after boats carrying desperate Syrian migrants to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near Bodrum, Turkey.

Chaos and Shame in Europe – The Results of the Refugee Crisis

For months, refugees have desperately tried to enter Europe, escaping from violence in their home countries and in search of safety in Europe. For months, some EU member states have done everything possible to keep refugees out of their countries, doing everything to not fulfil their obligations as members of the Union.

Oliver Krumme on

15 conflicts forcing people to flee their homes

Infographic: World Refugee Day 2015

The number of refugees in the world is higher than ever


law of humanity

Law of Humanity

If Sweden and the EU establish a law of humanity it would give them a more credible and a much stronger voice internationally, and with that voice the ability to put more pressure on the international community to protect individual rights all over the world.

Mathias Darmell on

Mediterranean migration routes

Our Paradise or a Sea of Death?

The recent tragedy in the Mediterranean is a bitter reminder that Europe needs joint action and cooperation to tackle the complex issue of migration on its southern border.

Mathias Darmell on

Syrian refugees protest in Greece

Syrian Refugees Protest at Europe’s Door

It’s been the fifth consecutive day that almost 300 Syrian refugees have been holding a sit-in outside the Greek parliament, in a peaceful protest, calling for asylum and solidarity.

Anna Gkiouleka on

Meet the Somalis helps Europeans understand the difficulties of refugees coming to Europe.

At Home in Europe: Immigrants' Lifes in a Comic Book

"Meet the Somalis" introduces real-life stories of Somali immigrants in Europe


How to remove the European border.

Artivists Remove the Walls of Europe

German art-group launches The Fall of the European Wall


Refugees and Asylum Seekers often seek shelter in Europe.

Infographic: Refugees Worldwide

There are nearly 10 million refugees worldwide and a large part of them are in Europe.


"La porta d'Europa", work of the artist Mimmo Paladino.

Lampedusa: the Gate of Europe

The vibrant multicultural artistic scene of the island of Lampedusa - the positive effects of cross-cultural encounter

Santino Santinelli on

Europe and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Europe and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Civilians are leaving Syria in thousands every day, leaving everything behind except what they can carry in those frantic moments of flight.

Aisling Twomey on

Where do refugees go to?

Where do refugees go to?

Go fullscscreen in this document to see details: UNHCR refugee statistics 2010 by SimonRogersGuardian