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Another powerful leader in Turkey

Another powerful leader in Turkey

“As the world expected (and feared)”, Erdoğan won the referendum last april, sweeping new constitutional powers to the Turkish President. More than a victory of the “evet” campaign or a …

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

This might be the New Turkey's time

This might be the New Turkey's time

Erdoğan, a leader who did many essential reforms in Turkey and helped its development, since in 2003 he became Prime Minister of Turkey. In the recent years he has become …

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

Is the EU-Ukraine trade agreement going to get approved by the Dutch people?

A Ukrainian dilemma

The dutch people get to decide Ukraine's faith on the trade agreement with the EU

Bella Felix on

Infographic by the British Influence reveals the regional differences for the EU membership.

Britain supports EU membership

The latest polls reveal how the British people continue to support the EU.


Greeks celebrating the referendum outcome

How long will the joy last?

The Greeks delivered a decisive "No" at the referendum


The Modern History of Greece has been very eventful.

What Brought Greece Here

A historical overview of the modern history of Greece and the factors which led to the current crisis.

Agamemnon Apostolou on

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras talking in front of a NO vote rally in Athens

The Greek Referendum: Yes or No?

Europe is Greece and Greece is Europe. Yes or no, Greece's historic referendum will invariably determine Greece's fate within the Union.

OneEurope on

Map of the Stateless Nations in Europe according to

Guide to the 2014 Catalan Independence Referendum

Catalonia is hosting a referendum on the 9 November. Here is a brief description of the history, current situation, key players & prospects for Catalonia, Spain & Europe.

Mark Hau on

Scotland in numbers

Discovering Scotland

How much do you know about Scotland?


Both the Yes and the No campaigns had many arguments to support their opinion, as well as many supporters.

The Campaigns of the Scottish Independence Referendum

During the last week before the Referendum on the 18th of September, the Scottish Independence debate was hotter than ever.

Lucie Wuester on

Buchanan Street - 13 September

Why I came out for Yes

Kenneth MacArthur describes his motivation for supporting Scotland's independence.

Kenneth MacArthur on

There only a couple of weeks left until Scotland's independence referendum.

Scotland and EU Membership in the Case of Independence

There is a heated debate on Scotland's EU Membership in case they become an independent state.

Tanya Zhekova on

An independent Scotland will give a new momentum to Europe's pro-independence regions.

4 Key Reasons the Scottish Referendum is Crucial to Europe

Whatever the result, the Scottish Independence Referendum will have very significant geopolitical, economic, regional and political effects on Europe.

Ivan Botoucharov on

Time to close the doors

Switzerland: Time to close the doors?

Euro-sceptic movements were quick to congratulate Swiss voters as they favored the reintroduction of immigration quotas in a referendum

Michel Anderlini on