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Maidan Nezalezhnosti at Dusk, April 2014

Among the Maidan Nazis

The author visited Kiev during the "Maidan" revolution. In this article he shares the stories of the people he met there and how their "revolution" was not a geopolitical game but a "revolution of dignity", based on human desires and hopes.

Marco Ferraro on

 Russia's Imperial Aspirations

Russia's Imperial Aspirations

Russia seems to have no regrets about its Soviet past

Olga Petrova on

Survey from 2008 gives a puzzling image on Europe's understanding of democracy

Do Europeans Understand Democracy?

How many of us secretly long for the perfect leader? Would we trade democracy for wealth and security?


Europe has been diversifying its sources of energy imports in recent years.

Putin’s Energy Weapon -­ Europe’s Ultimate Test

This is the time for Europe to stand up to the bully by creating a political foundation which will put an end to Putin’s aggression by depriving Russia of its geopolitical tool once and for all.

Katarzyna Nazarewicz on

Is there an end-game for Putin?

Is there an end-game for Putin?

What is going on in the Ukraine-Russia conflict?

Richard Rozwadowski on

The "No Mistrals for Putin" campaign is growing exponentially.

Sale of Mistrals to Putin May Cost France €11.3 Billion

Is Hollande ready to sacrifice much bigger military-industrial contracts in order to save the Mistral deal with Putin?

Dimitri Halby on

Putin's alleged view of Europe is very different to that of anyone else.

Europe According to Vladimir Putin

Putin's "Alternative Reality" is a very unique view of recent events in Ukraine and the rest of Europe.


Ukrainians never lose hope

Ukrainians never lose hope

The situation in Ukraine and what a Ukrainian from the western part can see.

Lidiia Kozhevnikova on

According to Global Peace Index, Russia ranks 131st out of 140 countries in peace. This was prior to the Ukrainian Crisis.

The Death of Media Freedom in Russia

A string of extreme measures against the internet, independent media, NGOs and individuals have been developing in Russia.


Confronting the Emerging Eurasia Union

Confronting the Emerging Eurasia Union

Should the EU develop a 'Monroe Doctrine' to counter Russia's forced influence?

Matthew Heywood-Cunliffe on