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Kosovo opposition parties react to government’s political reforms

The main opposition parties Vetevendosje, AAK, and Nisma went into streets on November 28th in order to protest the Kosovo government’s latest agreements with Montenegro for the demarcation of its…

Klaudjo Kavaja on

A sign displayed during the demonstration in Paris

Pro-Kurdish Demonstration in Paris

OneEurope contributor Fabio Paulos reports from the recent pro-Kurdish protest held in Paris

Fábio Lopes Paulos on

The Costs of Euromaidan

The Costs of Euromaidan

The events that took place in recent weeks in Ukraine showed the strong will of Ukrainian people in their struggle against injustice, corruption and authoritarianism. At the same time the …


FEMEN: Naked and Famous?

FEMEN: Naked and Famous?

Ukrainian-based feminist movement FEMEN is in action again: on Friday 27. September bare-breasted ladies showed up at Nina Ricci fashion show in Paris. With the slogans "Model don't go to …


Protest ''Salvati Rosia Montana''

Rosia Montana: Romania Rising

Economic opportunity or environmental disaster?

Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen on

A truly glamorous event will gather around 150 Bulgarian students from around the world.

Young people drive change in their country

Thousands of Bulgarians have been peacefully protesting for more than a month. They want the government to resign and a general change in politics

Yuliya Kosharevska on

Farmers fighting the Brussels police with milk

How good milk turns bad

On 26. (and 27.) November Brussels was flooded by hundreds of farmers, and their milk. But is this the way dairy farmers should communicate their concerns?

Kwinten Lambrecht on

Polish Members of Parliament Protest against ACTA

ACTA Protests

“Government of the People, by the Lobby Groups, for the Corporations”

Paul Haydon on