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The Rhetoric of Fascism

The Rhetoric of Fascism

Divide et Impera


Design by Mark Kanarsky

70 Anniversary of the United Nations

24 October: 'Turn the World UN Blue'


Global Peace Index 2015 - Europe

Infographic: Global Peace Index 2015

The majority of countries in Europe are defined as peaceful


Reaching out to our troubled neighbours

Securing the EU’s Neighbourhood and building Peace on our Borders

Europe standing up and taking it's position as a true Guardian of the Peace

Robert Heslop on

Commission VP Georgieva welcomes OneEurope initiative

Commission VP Georgieva welcomes OneEurope initiative

On Europe Day Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva sent OneEurope a message of support!


Happy Easter!

OneEurope wishes you a Happy Easter!

Have a lovely Easter holiday!


Poppies Field in Flanders

11 Sobering Facts about the First World War in Europe

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 marked the end of hostilities of the First World War.

Andreea Anastasiu on

Sweden has been an island of peace in a war-torn continent, but that may have come at too high a price...

Sweden's 200 Year Path of Peace

How Sweden traversed the slippery slope of neutrality?

Mathias Darmell on

There is no idea worth dying for, and no idea worth killing for.

World War I 100th Anniversary

One hundred years from the start of the First World War.


A New Narrative for the EU? European Education – “Peace” still counts

A New Narrative for the EU? European Education – “Peace” still counts

Surprisingly peace is not at all that insignificant within the younger generation in Europe as it is said by those who demand a new narrative.

Karsten Lucke on

We are a World of Diversity

We are a World of Diversity

A tribute to Nelson Mandela

Ana Nedelcu on

Mikis Theodorakis

Can Greece become the new Switzerland?

Mikis Theodorakis dreams of a neutral Greece, future cradle of Culture and Peace.

George Chatzelenis on

A Reconciliation Charter for Central Europe - Charta XXI

A Reconciliation Charter for Central Europe - Charta XXI

The turbulent history of Central Europe gives rise to hostility, bitterness and estrangement.

Bori Pentek on

UN Security Council room

Reforming the United Nations Security Council

Created in 1946, many argue the U.N. Security Council is in serious need of a reform in membership, to reflect an increasingly multipolar world

Christos Mouzeviris on

“We have to keep in mind what has been achieved on this continent and not let the continent go into disintegration again. We know what it means: the emergence of extremism and nationalism once again.”

The EU has won the Nobel Peace Prize!

The Nobel Peace Prize was unanimously awarded to the EU by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Ivan Botoucharov on