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The Dutch Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement referendum

Is Ukraine welcomed into the EU?

The Dutch Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement referendum is a referendum concerning the approval of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine, which will be held in the Netherlands on 6 April, 2016. Today, the country which holds the presidency of the Council of the EU this semester will decide whether Ukraine could be a member of the European Union or not.

Leonidas Asimakopoulos on

Is the EU-Ukraine trade agreement going to get approved by the Dutch people?

A Ukrainian dilemma

The dutch people get to decide Ukraine's faith on the trade agreement with the EU

Bella Felix on

the Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the European Union

A Presidency of and for the citizens of Europe: The Netherlands makes its statement

Beginning its term on the 1st of January 2016, The Netherlands wants its presidency of the European Council to stand for concrete action in response to the concerns of Europe's citizens.

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sunset in Amsterdam

21st century fairy tales

European monarchies

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Top 10 countries by infrastructure

Top ten countries with the best infrastructure in the world

Six out of the top ten countries are European!


Picture of a reenactment of the Waterloo battle

Marking the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo

Europe marks this year the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the defeat of Napoleon on June 18, 1815. Many Europeans consider it a special day that decided Europe’s fate and put an end to the bloody conflicts across the continent.

Natalia Ghincul on

first mosque in the Netherlands was opened on the 9th of Decemeber 1955 in the Hague

The construction of new mosques creates friction in the Netherlands

In Assendelft, the Netherlands, a group of Muslims wants to build a mosque. This fact generates friction between the residents and the organisation that wants to build it. Locals are alarmed by possible nuisance, inadequate funding, depreciation of their houses and a lot more. They are scared by Islamic extremism and don’t want anything to do with this house of prayer. Potential mosque in Assendelft is not the only one causing problems and disagreement in the country. In ten municipalities the construction of these buildings encounters opposition by local residents. Why are the Dutch so afraid?

Bella Felix on

Remembrance Day (De Nationale Dodenherdenking) in the Netherlands on May 4

A Plea for Remembering and Celebrating

It has been seventy years since the last all-encompassing war in Europe came to end. Seventy years! In the Netherlands, the tradition to commemorate all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands of World War II is annually held on May 4.

Sander Boezen on

Tall wind mill in Schiedam

To polder or not to polder? That’s the question

It is crucial in the Netherlands to protect yourself from the water. In order to carry out this commitment we have built 2120 kilometers of dikes and dams along our shores. No matter who you are, in the Netherlands you have to protect yourself from the water. Everyone has to work together in order to stay safe. As strange as it may sound, this protection has led to an efficient political process which is used on a daily basis in the Netherlands.

Bella Felix on

 This infographic on cycling shows that where people use bicycles there are less fatal crashes

Europeans Are The Best Cyclists

The Netherlands is the country with the highest number of bicycle travellers


Montessori slogan

Learning the Montessori way

There are many educational systems in Europe, but there is a very special one called Montessori. It was invented by Maria Montessori, one of the first female doctors in Italy. Her Montessori method became famous all over the world, but was (and is) most used in the Netherlands. There are about 160 primary schools and 19 secondary schools spread throughout the country. All of them are very popular with the Dutch population. What is this system exactly about and how does it work?

Bella Felix on

Saint Nicholas is arriving with Black Petes in the Netherlands

Why Black Pete created discussions in the Netherlands and outside the country?

Why this beloved tradition is perceived by some people as a racist stereotype, although according to the latest polls Dutch people had never associated Black Pete with a black person, and many of them can’t perceive why one of the most tolerant countries in Europe can be criticized by cultivating in their children latent racism?

Natalia Ghincul on

The use of the social media LinkedIn in Europe

LinkedIn in Europe

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms.


Queen Beatrix and Vladimir Putin

Russia and the Netherlands: A year of friendship or conflict?

Centuries of cooperation are now sinking: Russia and the Netherlands

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