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Turkey and the EU

My Europe – What Will Become of it?

Today, the 1st of January of 2030, Turkey has officially joined the European Union. After 25 years of endless negotiations, both the European Commission and the member states gave their endorsement to this much debated entrance.

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My Europe

The European Cultural Identity

My name is Eliot Robinson. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, but I do not feel European.” This was me, blind to what was about to happen. It was before the big event; the event that came to change the cultural identity of Europe for years to come.

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Could this be the future of transportation?

Nanotechnology Can Revolutionize Travel in Europe

A scenario from the future - how 2030 could look like from a transportation standpoint

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The European Institution of Gender Equality

2030: The Gender Gap in Europe is Finally Closed!

The European Institution of Gender Equality (EIGE) has today officially announced that the European Union has reached its goal to become the first region in the world with total equality between the genders. The head of the institution was proudly answering questions at the press conference.

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Increasing automation is eradicating many jobs in Europe as seen in this infographic by

A European Week in 2030

Technology has been growing exponentially in Europe. Here are some of the fascinating developments expected in the next couple of decades.

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1 in 4 European children are at risk of poverty. Can Europe eradicate it completely by 2030?

Poverty: Add It to EU History Books

A look at a potential bright future for Europe in the 2030s - but only if we have the right priorities.

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