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Latvia, Spain, Luxembourg and the UK, have the largest minority populations in the European Union

Infographic: Minorities in the European Union

A glimpse of the multicultural European society


Foreign fighters in Syria

The ”Europeans” in ISIS

Latest estimates show that more than 3000 fighters holding European passports have joined the Islamic state so far. What are the causes behind their radicalization? Is Europe in danger?

Tanya Zhekova on

Integration is one of the key topics of our age, but how can we successfully achieve it?

Integration in Europe: Why the problem is not a matter of religion

Integrating minorities has proven easier said than done, but religion should not be the one to blame.

Volina Serban on

Where might Russia look next?

Where might Russia look next?

The argument that Russian minorities could vote to join their motherland ought to leave a number of Eastern European countries with nervous ticks.